Leonard Bernstein - West Side Story (OST) - Limited Edition Red Vinyl (LP)

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Stage & Screen, Soundtrack, Musical
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Artist: Leonard Bernstein
Album: West Side Story (Original Sound Track Recording)
Released: UK, 2016


A1Prologue - Orchestra5:34
A2Jet Song - Russ Tamblyn And The Jets2:06
A3Something's Coming - Richard Beymer2:32
A4Dance At The Gym - Orchestra3:32
A5Maria - Russ Tamblyn2:35
A6America - Rita Moreno, George Chakiris And The Sharks And Girls4:59
A7Tonight - Russ Tamblyn And Natalie Wood3:34
B1Gee, Officer Krupke! - Russ Tamblyn And The Jets4:05
B2I Feel Pretty - Natalie Wood, Yvonne Wilder, Suzie Kaye And Joanne Miya2:44
B3One Hand, One Heart - Richard Beymer And Natalie Wood1:58
B4Quintet - Richard Beymer, Natalie Wood, Rita Moreno And The Jets,The And Sharks3:21
B5The Rumble - Orchestra2:26
B6Cool - Tucker Smith And The Jets4:21
B7A Boy Like That And I Have A Love - Natalie Wood And Rita Moreno4:58
B8Somewhere (Finale) - Richard Beymer And Natalie Wood2:03

Deutsche Grammophon's recording of West Side Story, made in New York in September 1984, represents Bernstein's final vision for his great American musical. This wasn't a typical 'cast recording:' everybody was recruited especially for the job and moulded, literally overnight, into a musical team. It was, to say the least, a highly unlikely cast for what was basically a Broadway show, but asthis was not a staged production, the rather unorthodox step of casting world-class opera singers was taken to bring out the musical strengths of Bernstein's inspiration: "I suppose the only foreseeable problem was that they might sound too old -but they don't, they just sound marvellous!" Bernstein was to recount. For Bernstein, who had never conducted the work before, it was an opportunity to explore the work as he had envisioned it, unrestricted by the medium of the LP or the size of the orchestra pit or the dramatic staging of the work: For the recording, the potpourri overture which was originally used in the theatre and which Bernstein himself did not write was discarded, the string section was enlarged, and the woodwind section expanded, and Bernstein allowed himself to take the tempos "as I really dreamed it." The result is one of Bernstein's best and legendary recordings, beloved by millions around the world. "... superb entertainment and great music-making on every level" - Edward Greenfield, Record Review / Gramophone (London) / 01. October 2006