Daft Punk Random Access Memories & Espresso Martinis

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Get Daft Punk's highest selling album, and the only one to make it to #1 on the US Charts, together with all the ingredients for espresso martini - simply pour and shake. We've included the album, a bottle of Zubrowka bison grass (my personal favourite for espresso martini's) and a bottle of locally made Espresso Martini mixer, from the guys at Mr Consistent,together for the low price of 

The Espress Martini Cocktail Mixer you've been waiting for is now here! The new Espresso Martini is smooth and velvety, you'll be coming back for more. Just add vodka for the perfect Espresso Martini at-home. It's on! Each bottle is 10 serves. Vegan. 1 month shelf life.


Bison Grass has a long history in Poland and was once the drink of nobility. Using harvested Bison grass, the grass is dried then used to flavour the spirit with a single blade left in each bottle. As quite an aromatic Vodka, it is best enjoyed ice cold and neat.

Artist: Daft Punk
Album: Random Access Memories
Released: US, 21 May 2013
Genre(s): Electronic, Funk & Soul, Pop, Disco, Funk, Electro, Synth-pop



A1 Give Life Back To Music 4:35
A2 The Game Of Love 5:22
A3 Giorgio By Moroder 9:04
B1 Within 3:48
B2 Instant Crush 5:37
B3 Lose Yourself To Dance 5:53
C1 Touch 8:18
C2 Get Lucky 6:09
C3 Beyond 4:50
D1 Motherboard 5:41
D2 Fragments Of Time 4:39
D3 Doin' It Right 4:11
D4 Contact 6:23


Under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 it is an offence

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Alcohol is only available for delivery to people aged 18+. ID may be required on delivery.

VCGLR Liquor Licence: 36160971


(No reviews yet) Write a Review