Sticky Fingers Land of Pleasure & Caress Your Soul 2LP & Carlton Draught

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Finally available again on wax, this double LP encompasses both of Sticky Fingers first two studio albums. Containing such hits as How To Fly, Australia Street, and Rum Rage (amongst others) we felt there was no better way to enjoy this music than sipping on a few tinnies of Carlton Draught. You can get the double LP and a six pack for $59, two six packs for $74 or a whole case for $94!



Artist: Sticky Fingers
Album: Land Of Pleasure / Caress Your Soul
Gatefold: Yes
Released: Australia, 2021
Genre(s): Rock, Reggae, Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, Psychedelic Rock



- Land Of Pleasure  
A1 Land Of Pleasure 3:01
A2 Feast Your Eyes 2:33
A3 Just For You 3:50
A4 Rum Rage 4:12
A5 Gold Snafu 3:38
A6 Liquorlip Loaded Gun 5:09
B1 Fake A Smile 2:14
B2 Show No Shade 3:40
B3 If You Go 3:47
B4 Velvet Skies 4:49
B5 Dreamland 4:05
B6 Lazerhead 5:54
- Caress Your Soul  
C1 How To Fly 3:22
C2 Clouds & Cream 2:54
C3 Australia Street 3:39
C4 These Girls 3:26
C5 Sex 2:39
C6 Bootleg Rascal 3:47
D1 Caress Your Soul 2:57
D2 Laika 3:53
D3 Freddy Crabs 5:08
D4 Kiss The Breeze 4:19
D5 Let It All Out 3:15


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