7" PVC Outer Sleeves (140 Micron)

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  • Made from transparent certified PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
  • Perfect protection against dust, fingerprints and moisture
  • Universal size for 7″ Single & Gatefold Double LPs
  • Made in Germany
  • Available in 50-piece packaging

The Audio Anatomy Vinyl-Outer Sleeves are an indispensable accessory for vinyl collectors. They provide easy and efficient protection against dust, fingerprints and moisture, resulting in improved sound quality and increased longevity of your vinyl records and vinyl covers. To keep your vinyl records clean, we recommend keeping them in the antistatic Audio Anatomy Inner Sleeves and cleaning your records regularly with Audio Anatomy Cleaning Brushes and Audio Anatomy Cleaning Cloths.

Single Sleeves: If you would like to purchase just a single sleeve you can do so when ordering vinyl. Simply add something to the cart, click on edit cart and then next to the product you will see gift wrapping options. Here you can select different sleeves to pick from.


WARNING: Make sure vinyl is not stored in direct contact to PVC. Records should be stored in quality poly-lined paper inner sleeves, inside of the record jacket, which can then be stored in the PVC sleeves. Long term, direct contact between PVC and Vinyl can cause permanent damage to your records.

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