Hoodoo Gurus - Stoneage Romeos (LP) - Yellow Vinyl

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Original Release Year:
Rock, Garage Rock
Vinyl Record LP
Artist: Hoodoo Gurus
Album: Stoneage Romeos
Released: Australia, 01 Jun 2018


A1(Let's All) Turn On3:04
A2I Want You Back3:12
A4Death Ship2:37
A5Dig It Up3:36
A6My Girl2:40
B4In The Echo Chamber3:44
B5I Was A Kamikaze Pilot3:12

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"Stoneage Romeos," the debut album by Hoodoo Gurus released in 1984, holds a significant place in the legacy of Australian rock. It laid down the foundation for the band’s success and became a staple of 1980s alternative rock.

"Stoneage Romeos" exudes a raw, infectious energy characteristic of Hoodoo Gurus' style. The band has a knack for crafting memorable tunes with compelling narratives and catchy hooks, and this is evident throughout the album. From the opening track, the listener is plunged into the world of the Gurus – a world filled with vibrant melodies, wry lyrics, and pulsating rhythms.

The album covers a spectrum of emotions and themes, from the excitement and whimsy of "I Want You Back" to the poignant reflections in "Tojo." Each track is meticulously crafted, balancing melody and rhythm with lyrical depth. Dave Faulkner’s vocals are a highlight, versatile and expressive, conveying a range of emotions and adding depth to the narratives.

The instrumental arrangements in "Stoneage Romeos" are dynamic and engaging, with each member contributing to the album’s cohesive sound. The jangly guitars, tight rhythms, and memorable melodies create an immersive soundscape, allowing the listener to experience the myriad facets of the band’s musicality.

"Stoneage Romeos" is a journey through the diverse realms of rock, blending elements of garage rock, punk, and pop. It encapsulates the vibrancy and innovation of 1980s music, with its eclectic influences and unabashedly fun and rebellious spirit. The production values are solid, retaining the rawness of the band’s sound while allowing each element to shine.

In conclusion, "Stoneage Romeos" is a quintessential Hoodoo Gurus album, showcasing their distinctive sound, clever songwriting, and dynamic performances. It remains a timeless classic, resonating with fans of all ages and continuing to influence the genre.

Is "Stoneage Romeos" Hoodoo Gurus’ debut album?

Yes, "Stoneage Romeos" is the debut studio album by Hoodoo Gurus, released in 1984.

What is the significance of "Stoneage Romeos" in Hoodoo Gurus’ career?

"Stoneage Romeos" is significant as it established Hoodoo Gurus’ presence in the music industry and earned them acclaim for their distinctive sound and engaging songwriting, paving the way for their subsequent success.

How is the sound of "Stoneage Romeos" characterized?

The album's sound is characterized by catchy, vibrant melodies, jangly guitars, dynamic rhythms, and wry, reflective lyrics, blending elements of garage rock, punk, and pop.

Were any singles released from this album?

Yes, several singles like "I Want You Back" and "Tojo" were released from this album and received considerable attention.

How was the reception of "Stoneage Romeos"?

The album was well-received by both critics and fans, earning praise for its energetic and distinctive sound, and it continues to be regarded as a classic in the alternative rock genre.

"Stoneage Romeos is the debut album by Australian rock group Hoodoo Gurus. Released on 9 March 1984 by Big Time Records in Australia, the album's release saw them receive record sales to complement their already strong reputation for live performances. With radio and television support for their third single "My Girl" (1983), complete with a film clip about a greyhound of the same name, the band's following grew. The album's other singles were "Leilani" (1982), "Tojo" (1983), and "I Want You Back" (1984).A&M Records released the album in the United States on 7 September 1984. Later in July 1985 the band took the honours in the "Best Debut Album" category at the 1984 Countdown Awards.Stoneage Romeos was re-released by Arcadia Records on 1 October 2002, with two additional tracks, "Hoodoo You Love" and "Be My Guru". EMI also re-released the album on 24 October 2005 with three bonus tracks, "Leilani Pt. 2", "Be My Guru" and "Hoodoo You Love", a fold-out poster and liner notes by Lindsay "The Doctor" McDougall of Frenzal Rhomb. In October 2010, the album was listed in the top 30 in the book, 100 Best Australian Albums.[" - Wikipedia