Lang Lang - Goldberg Variations (2LP)

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Classical, Baroque
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Artist: Lang Lang
Album: Goldberg Variations
Released: US, 04 Sep 2020


A2Variatio 1 A 1 Clav.2:07
A3Variatio 2 A 1 Clav.1:37
A4Variatio 3 A 1 Clav. Canone All’Unisuono3:10
A5Variatio 4 A 1 Clav.1:04
A6Variatio 5 A 1 Ov Vero 2 Clav.1:22
A7Variatio 6 A 1 Clav. Canone Alla Seconda1:13
A8Variatio 7 A 1 Ov Vero 2 Clav. Al Tempo DI Giga2:20
A9Variatio 8 A 2 Clav.2:00
B1Variatio 9 A 1 Clav. Canone Alla Terza2:13
B2Variatio 10 A 1 Clav. Fughetta1:40
B3Variatio 11 A 2 Clav.2:26
B4Variatio 12. Canone Alla Quarta2:10
B5Variatio 13 A 2 Clav.6:09
B6Variatio 14 A 2 Clav.2:18
B7Variatio 15 A 1 Clav. Canone Alla Quinta6:28
C1Variatio 16 A 1 Clav. Ouverture2:45
C2Variatio 17 A 2 Clav.2:01
C3Variatio 18 A 1 Clav. Canone Alla Sesta1:43
C4Variatio 18 A 1 Clav. Canone Alla Sesta1:16
C5Variatio 20 A 2 Clav.2:04
C6Variatio 21. Canone Alla Settima4:31
C7Variatio 22 A 1 Clav. Alla Breve1:28
C8Variatio 23 A 2 Clav.2:13
C9Variatio 24 A 1 Clav. Canone All’Ottava3:02
D1Variatio 24 A 1 Clav. Canone All’Ottava10:01
D2Variatio 26 A 2 Clav.1:48
D3Variatio 27 A 2 Clav. Canone Alla Nona1:37
D4Variatio 28 A 2 Clav.2:05
D5Variatio 29 A 1 Ov Vero 2 Clav.2:07
D6Variatio 30 A 1 Clav. Quodlibet2:30
D7Aria Da Capo E Fine6:26

"This isn't just the most exceptional and creative work in the keyboard repertoire, it's also the most multidimensional. […] It allows us to draw on everything we have within ourselves, but also makes us realise what's missing and what we still have to learn." - Lang Lang Bach's monumental Goldberg Variations stand alone in the piano literature as a work of unique artistry and brilliance. Lang Lang first began exploring this masterpiece more than 20 years ago and presents this record as the outcome of a long personal and emotional journey. Marking a new stage in Lang Lang's artistic development, it is the project of a lifetime. Alongside a studio recording is a contrasting performance, a single take from a recital in Leipzig's iconic St Thomas Church, where Bach worked and is now buried.

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