Alabama Shakes - Sound & Color (2LP)

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Original Release Year:
Rock, Indie Rock, Southern Rock
Vinyl Record LP
Artist: Alabama Shakes
Album: Sound & Color
Released: Europe, 17 Apr 2015


A1Sound & Color3:02
A2Don't Wanna Fight3:53
A4Future People3:22
B1Gimme All Your Love4:03
B2This Feeling4:29
B3Guess Who3:16
B4The Greatest3:50
C1Miss You3:47
C3Over My Head3:51

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"Sound & Color" by Alabama Shakes is a captivating and genre-defying album that showcases the band's evolution and artistic growth. Released on April 21, 2015, it serves as a powerful follow-up to their critically acclaimed debut album and demonstrates their ability to push boundaries while staying true to their roots.

From the opening notes of the title track, "Sound & Color," it becomes evident that Alabama Shakes is exploring new sonic territories. The album blends elements of rock, soul, blues, and psychedelia, creating a rich and textured sound that is both raw and polished.

Brittany Howard's commanding vocals take center stage throughout the record, exhibiting her incredible range and emotional depth. Her powerhouse voice effortlessly transitions from soulful croons to fiery wails, leaving a lasting impact on each track. Songs like "Don't Wanna Fight" and "Gimme All Your Love" are filled with irresistible energy and showcase the band's ability to deliver infectious hooks and unforgettable melodies.

The production on "Sound & Color" is meticulous, with layers of instrumentation and intricate arrangements that create a lush sonic landscape. The band, consisting of Heath Fogg on guitar, Zac Cockrell on bass, and Steve Johnson on drums, demonstrates their exceptional musicianship and tight-knit chemistry. Tracks like "Future People" and "Guess Who" incorporate psychedelic elements and experimental textures, adding a refreshing depth to the album.

Lyrically, "Sound & Color" explores themes of self-discovery, love, and identity. Brittany Howard's introspective and poetic lyrics invite listeners into her world, while leaving room for personal interpretation and connection.

The album's standout moment is the emotionally charged ballad "Joe," where Howard's vulnerable vocals are accompanied by minimalistic instrumentation, allowing the raw emotion to shine through. It is a testament to the band's ability to captivate with both their powerful anthems and their intimate moments.

"Sound & Color" earned Alabama Shakes widespread critical acclaim and commercial success. It won multiple Grammy Awards, including Best Alternative Music Album and Best Rock Song for "Don't Wanna Fight." The album solidified the band's place in the music industry and established them as a force to be reckoned with.

Alabama Shakes' "Sound & Color" is a testament to their artistic growth and ability to defy genre conventions. It is a bold and captivating album that showcases their exceptional musicianship, heartfelt songwriting, and Brittany Howard's undeniable talent as a vocalist.

5 Common Questions About The "Sound & Color" Vinyl Record Album:

When was the album "Sound & Color" by Alabama Shakes released?

The album "Sound & Color" by Alabama Shakes was released on April 21, 2015.

What are some popular songs from the album?

Some popular songs from the album "Sound & Color" include the title track "Sound & Color," "Don't Wanna Fight," "Gimme All Your Love," "Future People," and "Guess Who."

Did "Sound & Color" win any awards?

Yes, "Sound & Color" won multiple Grammy Awards, including Best Alternative Music Album and Best Rock Song for "Don't Wanna Fight."

What genre is the album "Sound & Color"?

"Sound & Color" defies strict genre categorization. It incorporates elements of rock, soul, blues, and psychedelia, creating a unique and distinct sound.

How successful was the album "Sound & Color"?

"Sound & Color" was both critically acclaimed and commercially successful. It debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart and earned Alabama Shakes multiple Grammy Awards.

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