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Robert Schumann - Martha Argerich - Kinderszenen • Kreisleriana (LP)

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Classical, Romantic
Vinyl Record LP

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Robert Schumann - Martha Argerich - Kinderszenen • Kreisleriana Vinyl Record Album Art
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Album Info

Artist: Robert Schumann
Album: Martha Argerich - Kinderszenen • Kreisleriana
Released: Europe, Apr 2021


AKinderszenen Op. 15
A1Von Fremden Ländern Und Menschen1:50
A2Kuriose Geschichte1:04
A4Bittendes Kind0:59
A5Glückes Genug1:03
A6Wichtige Begebenheit0:44
A8Am Kamin0:51
A9Ritter Vom Steckenpferd0:35
A10Fast Zu Ernst2:00
A12Kind Im Einschlummern2:23
A13Der Dichter Spricht2:13
BKreisleriana Op. 16
B1Äußerst Bewegt / Agitatissimo2:35
B2Sehr Innig Und Nicht Zu Rasch / Con Molta Espressione, Non Troppo Presto9:39
B3Sehr Aufgeregt / Molto Agitato4:31
B4Sehr Langsam / Lento Assai3:52
B5Sehr Lebhaft / Vivace Assai3:04
B6Sehr Langsam / Lento Assai4:10
B7Sehr Rasch / Molto Presto2:06
B8Schnell Und Spielend / Vivace E Scherzando3:24

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"Martha Argerich - Kinderszenen • Kreisleriana" "Kinderszenen • Kreisleriana" featuring pianist Martha Argerich is a captivating exploration of the works of German composer Robert Schumann. Released in [insert year], this album showcases Argerich's exceptional pianistic skills and her deep understanding of Schumann's music, bringing his compositions to life with sensitivity and virtuosity.

"Martha Argerich - Kinderszenen • Kreisleriana" begins with "Kinderszenen" ("Scenes from Childhood"), a collection of thirteen short character pieces. Each piece captures a different scene or mood from childhood, reflecting Schumann's own memories and emotions. Argerich's interpretation of these pieces is nuanced and evocative, capturing the innocence, nostalgia, and whimsical nature of each scene. Her delicate touch and precise phrasing bring out the beauty and depth of Schumann's melodies.

Following "Kinderszenen," Argerich takes on Schumann's "Kreisleriana," a complex and emotionally charged work consisting of eight contrasting movements. These movements showcase Schumann's ability to seamlessly transition between contrasting moods, from introspective and tender passages to moments of fiery virtuosity. Argerich's technical brilliance and profound musicality shine through as she navigates the demanding passages with precision and expressiveness. Her interpretation captures the emotional intensity and intricate musical architecture of "Kreisleriana," delivering a captivating performance from start to finish.

Throughout "Martha Argerich - Kinderszenen • Kreisleriana", Argerich's mastery of touch and tone allows her to bring out the nuances and subtleties of Schumann's music. Her dynamic range is impressive, ranging from delicate and introspective to powerful and commanding. With her profound understanding of the composer's intentions, Argerich breathes life into the music, conveying the depth of emotion and complexity embedded within Schumann's compositions.

The collaboration between Martha Argerich and Robert Schumann's music is a true meeting of artistic brilliance. Argerich's technical prowess and interpretative skill combine with Schumann's profound musical language, resulting in a recording that honors the composer's vision while showcasing Argerich's own musical artistry.

In conclusion, "Kinderszenen • Kreisleriana" featuring Martha Argerich is a captivating album that highlights the genius of Robert Schumann's compositions and the exceptional talent of Argerich as a pianist. Through her sensitive and virtuosic performances, Argerich brings Schumann's music to life, capturing its depth, complexity, and emotional range. This album is a must-listen for both fans of Schumann's work and enthusiasts of piano music, as it offers a beautiful and compelling interpretation of these masterful compositions.

Fun Facts About Robert Schumann - Martha Argerich - Kinderszenen • Kreisleriana Vinyl Record:

  • How old was Martha Argerich when she recorded "Martha Argerich - Kinderszenen • Kreisleriana"? Martha Argerich was in her early 40s when she recorded "Martha Argerich - Kinderszenen • Kreisleriana" in 1983.
  • How many copies of "Martha Argerich - Kinderszenen • Kreisleriana" sold? "Martha Argerich - Kinderszenen • Kreisleriana"'s sales figures may vary, but it garnered critical acclaim within the classical music community.
  • Why was "Martha Argerich - Kinderszenen • Kreisleriana" important? "Martha Argerich - Kinderszenen • Kreisleriana" was important as it featured Martha Argerich's virtuosic piano performances of Robert Schumann's compositions, specifically "Kinderszenen" and "Kreisleriana." It showcased her impeccable technique, musical sensitivity, and interpretive depth.
  • What were the most popular pieces on "Martha Argerich - Kinderszenen • Kreisleriana"? "Martha Argerich - Kinderszenen • Kreisleriana" features Schumann's two iconic piano cycles, "Kinderszenen" (Scenes from Childhood) and "Kreisleriana," both of which are highly regarded and beloved within the classical repertoire.
  • Any other interesting information about "Martha Argerich - Kinderszenen • Kreisleriana" or Robert Schumann in relation to this album? Martha Argerich is renowned for her exceptional talent and interpretations of classical piano music. Her recording of Schumann's "Kinderszenen" and "Kreisleriana" captures the essence of these works and demonstrates her profound artistry, making it a significant contribution to the interpretation of Schumann's music.

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