Jamiroquai - Dynamite (2LP)

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Original Release Year:
Electronic, Rock, Funk, Soul, Pop, Acid Jazz, Funk
Vinyl Record LP
Artist: Jamiroquai
Album: Dynamite
Released: Europe, 10 Nov 2022
Genre(s): Electronic, Rock, Funk, Soul, Pop, Acid Jazz, Funk


A1Feels Just Like It Should4:38
A3Seven Days In Sunny June4:00
A4Electric Mistress3:49
B2Love Blind3:34
C1(Don't) Give Hate A Chance5:01
C2World That He Wants3:07
D1Black Devil Car4:43
D2Hot Tequila Brown4:33
D3Time Won't Wait4:57

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"Dynamite" is the sixth studio album by the British funk and acid jazz band Jamiroquai, released in 2005. The album showcases the band's signature blend of infectious grooves, catchy melodies, and socially conscious lyrics.

From the opening track, "Feels Just Like It Should," it's clear that Jamiroquai is here to deliver their trademark funky sound. The album is filled with upbeat and energetic tracks that make you want to dance. Songs like "Seven Days in Sunny June," "Electric Mistress," and "Love Blind" showcase the band's ability to create irresistible hooks and a groove that's impossible to resist.

"Dynamite" also features some more mellow and introspective moments. Tracks like "Starchild" and "Talullah" provide a welcome change of pace, showcasing Jay Kay's smooth vocals and the band's ability to create laid-back and soulful atmospheres.

Lyrically, the album touches on various themes, including love, relationships, social issues, and environmental concerns. Jamiroquai has always been known for infusing their music with social commentary, and "Dynamite" is no exception. The lyrics provoke thought and reflection while remaining accessible and relatable.

Musically, the album is a showcase of the band's exceptional musicianship. From the funky basslines to the tight rhythm section and the vibrant horn arrangements, each instrument plays a crucial role in creating the infectious sound that Jamiroquai is known for. The production is polished, highlighting the band's dynamic performance and ensuring that each element shines.

While "Dynamite" may not reach the heights of Jamiroquai's earlier albums like "Travelling Without Moving" or "Emergency on Planet Earth," it still captures the essence of their unique sound and provides an enjoyable listening experience. It's a testament to the band's ability to evolve while staying true to their roots.

Overall, "Dynamite" is a solid addition to Jamiroquai's discography. It showcases their mastery of funk and acid jazz, delivering grooves that make you move and lyrics that make you think. It's a testament to their enduring appeal and their ability to create music that stands the test of time.

Who is Jamiroquai?

Jamiroquai is a British funk and acid jazz band formed in 1992, led by lead vocalist Jay Kay.

When was "Dynamite" released?

"Dynamite" was released on June 20, 2005.

What are some notable tracks on the album?

Notable tracks on the album include "Feels Just Like It Should," "Seven Days in Sunny June," "Love Blind," "Starchild," and "Talullah."

How would you describe Jamiroquai's musical style?

Jamiroquai's musical style is a blend of funk, acid jazz, and soul, characterized by infectious grooves, catchy melodies, and socially conscious lyrics.

Did "Dynamite" receive critical acclaim?

"Dynamite" received generally positive reviews from critics, praising its funky sound and Jay Kay's vocals.

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