Marvin Gaye - Dream Of A Lifetime (LP) - Ltd Edition Transparent Blue Vinyl

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Electronic, Funk, Soul, Disco
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Artist: Marvin Gaye
Album: Dream Of A Lifetime
Released: Europe, 20 Sept 2020
Genre(s): Electronic, Funk, Soul, Disco


A1Sanctified Lady5:30
A2Savage In The Sack3:19
A3Masochistic Beauty4:39
A4It's Madness3:22
B1Ain't It Funny (How Things Turn Around)4:54
B3Life's Opera7:41
B4Dream Of A Lifetime3:49

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Marvin Gaye's Dream Of A Lifetime is a posthumous album that was originally released in 1985, three years after the legendary soul singer's untimely death. The album features eight tracks that were left unfinished by Gaye before he died, which were then completed by producer Gordon Banks.

The album showcases Gaye's signature smooth and soulful voice, but with a contemporary and edgier sound that marks the shift from his earlier Motown style to a more experimental and contemporary sound. Dream Of A Lifetime blends R&B, funk, and rock, creating a unique and timeless sound that still resonates with music lovers today.

The album opens with the title track "Sanctified Lady," which features a driving bass line and guitar riffs, creating a funky groove that is signature to Gaye's style. The next track, "Savage in the Sack," is a sensual and seductive song that showcases Gaye's range and versatility as a vocalist. Other standout tracks include "Masochistic Beauty," which features a jazz-inspired horn section, and "Life's Opera," which features Gaye's introspective and philosophical lyrics.

This 2020 reissue on vinyl is a must-have for any Marvin Gaye fan or vinyl collector. The album has been remastered for vinyl, bringing out the crisp and warm sound that is characteristic of vinyl records. The packaging is also beautifully designed, featuring the original artwork and a gatefold cover that includes photos and liner notes.

Whether you are a longtime fan or just discovering Marvin Gaye's music for the first time, Dream Of A Lifetime is a must-listen. With its timeless sound and stunning vocal performances, this album is a testament to Gaye's legacy as one of the greatest soul singers of all time. And with this vinyl reissue, you can experience the album in the way it was meant to be heard, with the warmth and richness that only vinyl can provide.

Overall, this is a fantastic album that showcases Marvin Gaye's artistry and musical innovation. The 2020 reissue on vinyl is a great way to experience the album, and it is sure to be a prized addition to any vinyl collection. So, if you are a fan of soul, R&B, funk, or rock music, be sure to check out Marvin Gaye's Dream Of A Lifetime on vinyl. Buy your copy today!

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