Tower Of Power - Soul Side Of Town (2LP)

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Jazz, Funk, Soul, Jazz-Funk, Rhythm & Blues
Vinyl Record LP
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Artist: Tower Of Power
Album: Soul Side Of Town
Released: US, 01 Jun 2018


A1East Bay! All Day!0:55
A2Hangin' With My Baby5:28
A3Do You Like That?4:37
A4On The Soul Side Of Town6:40
B1Do It With Soul3:53
B2Love Must Be Patient And Kind4:40
B3Butter Fried5:28
C2Let It Go4:22
D1When Love Takes Control4:11
D2After Hours3:33
D3Can't Stop Thinking About You4:54
D4East Bay! Oakland Style!1:15

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Tower of Power's "Soul Side of Town" is a must-have album for anyone who loves the soulful sounds of the 70s. Originally released in 2018, the album is now available on vinyl and is a great addition to any music lover's collection.

The album is a celebration of the band's 50th anniversary and is a testament to their staying power in the world of soul and funk music. Tower of Power is known for their signature sound, which blends elements of R&B, funk, jazz, and soul into a unique and irresistible groove. "Soul Side of Town" is no exception, and fans of the band will be delighted with the 14 new tracks that showcase their musical talents.

From the very first notes of the opening track, "East Bay! All Day!", it's clear that Tower of Power has lost none of their energy or enthusiasm over the years. The song is a joyous celebration of their hometown of Oakland, California, and sets the tone for the rest of the album. The following tracks are a mix of funky grooves, soulful ballads, and upbeat jams that are guaranteed to get your feet tapping and your body moving.

One of the standout tracks on the album is "Do You Like That?", a funky and infectious tune that features the band's signature horn section and the soulful vocals of lead singer Marcus Scott. The track is a perfect example of the band's ability to blend different musical styles into a cohesive whole, and is sure to be a hit with fans of Tower of Power and fans of funk and soul music in general.

Another highlight of the album is "The Soul Side of Town", the title track, which is a smooth and soulful ballad that showcases the band's softer side. The track features a beautiful melody and heartfelt lyrics, and is sure to be a favorite of fans who appreciate the band's more mellow offerings.

Overall, "Soul Side of Town" is an excellent album that showcases the best of Tower of Power's musical abilities. It's a testament to their longevity and their ability to continue to make music that is fresh, exciting, and relevant after 50 years in the industry. The 2018 vinyl reissue is a great opportunity for fans to experience the album in a new way and appreciate the depth and nuance of the band's sound.

The vinyl issue is of high quality, with great sound and an impressive presentation. The LP comes in a gatefold sleeve with a beautiful cover design that captures the spirit of the album perfectly. The vinyl itself is of high quality, and the sound is clear and crisp, allowing fans to fully appreciate the band's musical talents.

In conclusion, Tower of Power's "Soul Side of Town" is a fantastic album that deserves to be in any music lover's collection. The 2018 vinyl reissue is a great opportunity to experience the album in a new way and appreciate the band's musical talents. With its infectious grooves, soulful melodies, and impressive musicianship, this album is a must-have for fans of funk and soul music, and is sure to be a favorite for years to come.

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