Don McLean - For The Memories Vol.2 (LP) - EXC/VG+

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Pop, Folk, World, Country, Ballad
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Artist: Don McLean
Album: For The Memories Vol.2
Released: Australia, 1987


A1If I Only Had A Match4:40
A2But Beautiful2:59
A3Over The Weekend4:06
A4Someone To Watch Over Me3:01
A5Somebody Loves Me3:09
A6Count Your Blessings3:34
B1It Had To Be You3:45
B2Not A Moment Too Soon3:26
B3Change Partners3:17
B4Nobody Knows You When You're Down & Out3:00

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Don McLean’s “For The Memories Vol. 2” is a record that radiates nostalgia and elegance, with McLean’s rich, emotive vocal tone painting pictures of bygone eras and weaving narratives that speak to the human condition. This album emphasizes the diverse palette of McLean’s musicality, from his poignant lyricism to his resonant melodies, encapsulating a profound simplicity that is the hallmark of his music.

The album is a garden of musical variety, with each track blossoming into a unique entity, drawing from different genres and moods. Here, McLean’s versatility as a musician is evident, as he traverses the realms of folk, rock, and pop with seamless fluidity, bringing forth a coherent yet eclectic collection of songs.

Every song in the album feels like a brushstroke in a larger painting, contributing to a landscape of emotions and stories. McLean's vocals, earnest and nuanced, add layers of emotion to each track, allowing the listener to travel through the meandering paths of his musical imagination.

In “For The Memories Vol. 2,” McLean’s lyrical storytelling stands out prominently. His words are not mere lyrics; they are poetic expressions, reflections of his thoughts and emotions, painted with the ink of his unique artistic vision. The tales spun in this record are both intimate and universal, a diary of the human spirit woven with threads of relatable experiences and emotions.

The album's arrangements are tastefully done, highlighting McLean’s understanding of musical subtlety and his ability to create atmospheres within his songs. The instrumentation is a harmonious blend of simplicity and sophistication, with each instrument contributing to the overall sonic narrative of the album.

“Everyday” captures the essence of McLean’s musical charm, with its upbeat rhythm and catchy melody creating a joyful auditory experience. McLean’s rendition of this classic is a delightful homage, preserving the spirit of the original while adding his unique flavor, a perfect blend of respect and creativity.

One can’t help but appreciate the production quality of “For The Memories Vol. 2,” with its clear, balanced sound, allowing each element to shine. The mix is clean and dynamic, respecting the integrity of each song and enhancing the emotional impact of the album.

In certain tracks, McLean’s philosophical musings are intertwined with the melodies, inviting listeners to reflect on life, love, and the universe. His ability to infuse his music with thought-provoking themes while maintaining musical excellence is a testament to his artistry and depth as a musician.

In conclusion, “For The Memories Vol. 2” by Don McLean is a beautiful tapestry of musical and lyrical richness. It is a journey through the multifaceted world of McLean’s artistry, a world filled with poetic expressions, melodious landscapes, and emotional depth. This album is not just a collection of songs; it is a musical exploration of memories, thoughts, and feelings, a celebration of McLean’s enduring contribution to the world of music.

“For The Memories Vol. 2” is a testament to Don McLean’s timeless appeal and artistic brilliance, a reminder of the power of music to capture the essence of human experience and to create lasting impressions in the hearts of listeners.