Spandau Ballet - Parade (LP) - NM/VG+

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LP Vinyl Record
Electronic, Rock, Pop, Pop Rock, Synth-pop
Artist: Spandau Ballet
Album: Parade
Released: Australia, 1985


A1Only When You Leave5:09
A2Highly Strung4:10
A3I'll Fly For You5:35
A4Nature Of The Beast5:14
B1Revenge For Love4:20
B2Always In The Back Of My Mind4:28
B3With The Pride5:30
B4Round And Round5:30

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The 1984 release, “Parade,” by Spandau Ballet, is an intricate tapestry of artful expression and a beautiful manifestation of the New Romantic movement's elegance. It flaunts the band's evolution in musical styling, showcasing a mature, polished sound characterized by sophisticated arrangements, seamless production, and deeply resonant lyrical content.

The album opens with “Only When You Leave,” a track laden with rich, melodic layering and poignant lyricism, encapsulating the themes of love and longing that permeate the album. The lush instrumental accompaniment and Tony Hadley's emotive vocals create a hauntingly beautiful auditory experience, inviting listeners into the emotional landscape of the album.

"Highly Strung" demonstrates the band’s creative prowess through its dynamic composition, reflecting a harmonious blend of infectious rhythm and refined musicality. The meticulous arrangement and the vibrant brass sections imbue the track with a lively, energetic feel, underscoring the band’s ability to craft songs that are both engaging and artistically profound.

“I’ll Fly for You” stands out as a centerpiece of emotional and musical depth. The seamless melding of jazz-infused elements with the band’s signature pop sound creates a sonic masterpiece, highlighting Spandau Ballet’s innovative approach to genre fusion. Hadley’s heartfelt vocal delivery, combined with the atmospheric instrumentation, adds a layer of emotional richness to the track, rendering it a timeless classic.

The graceful "Nature of the Beast" showcases the band’s knack for storytelling, weaving intricate lyrical narratives with lush musical textures. This track exemplifies Spandau Ballet’s commitment to delivering music that resonates on a deeply emotional level, allowing listeners to connect with the underlying themes and sentiments.

However, the thematic depth of “Parade” is not confined to love and relationships. The album also delves into existential musings and introspective reflections, exemplified by tracks like “Revenge for Love.” The intricate blend of thought-provoking lyricism and sophisticated musicality demonstrates the band’s ability to explore complex themes while maintaining their artistic integrity and distinctive sound.

The production quality of “Parade” is noteworthy, reflecting a meticulous attention to detail and a pursuit of sonic perfection. The polished sound, the balanced mixing, and the nuanced arrangement of each track contribute to the overall coherence and impact of the album.

Yet, “Parade” often doesn’t receive the widespread acclaim it deserves, overshadowed by the colossal success of Spandau Ballet’s earlier works. However, it remains a testament to the band’s artistic evolution and their ability to push musical boundaries. The album’s blend of elegant styling, innovative soundscapes, and emotional depth make it a standout entry in Spandau Ballet’s discography.

In conclusion, “Parade” by Spandau Ballet is a musical journey marked by refined elegance, emotional resonance, and artistic innovation. It encapsulates the band’s matured sound and evolved musical sensibilities, offering a rich, immersive experience for listeners seeking depth and sophistication in music.

The elegance and versatility manifested in this album mark it as a pivotal creation in Spandau Ballet’s journey, epitomizing their artistic essence and musical evolution. “Parade” is not just a collection of songs but a symphony of emotions, thoughts, and expressions, making it an essential listen for connoisseurs of profound, beautifully crafted music.