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Actual image of the vinyl record album artwork of Sammy Davis Jr.'s Stop The World I Want To Get Off LP - taken in our record store
Actual image of the back cover of Sammy Davis Jr.'s Stop The World I Want To Get Off second hand vinyl record taken in our record shop
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Album Info

Artist: Sammy Davis Jr.
Album: Stop The World I Want To Get Off
Released: US, 1978


A1Overture / The ABC Song
A2I Wanna Be Rich
A3Typically English
A5Gonna Build A Mountain
A6Glorious Russian
A7Meilinki Meilchik
B1Typische Deutsche
B2Life Is A Woman
B4Once In A Lifetime
B5Mumbo Jumbo
B6Someone Nice Like You
B7What Kind Of Fool Am I

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"Stop The World I Want To Get Off" by Sammy Davis Jr. encapsulates the multifaceted talent of this legendary entertainer. Sammy’s trademark energy and charisma permeate each track, rendering this album a compelling amalgamation of rhythm, emotion, and flair. It showcases Davis's versatile vocal abilities, his knack for interpretative singing, and his infectious rhythm.

Vocal Artistry

Sammy’s vocal prowess is the cornerstone of this album. He navigates through diverse melodic landscapes with seamless ease, showcasing his expansive vocal range and emotive delivery. His voice, rich and dynamic, breathes life into the compositions, making each track a unique auditory experience. The nuanced articulation and emotional resonance in his singing captivate listeners, highlighting his unparalleled vocal artistry.

Musical Diversity

The album is a mosaic of musical genres and styles, reflecting Sammy’s eclectic musical taste and versatility. It traverses the realms of jazz, pop, and show tunes, presenting a diverse sonic palette. This diversity in musical styles illustrates Sammy’s adaptability and his ability to infuse each genre with his unique stylistic imprint, making the album a versatile and engaging listen.

Rhythmic Vitality

Sammy’s innate sense of rhythm radiates throughout the album, infusing it with a vibrant energy. The intricate rhythmic patterns and infectious beats elevate the musical compositions, inducing a foot-tapping, soul-stirring response from the listeners. This rhythmic vitality is a signature of Sammy’s musical expression, contributing to the dynamic and spirited ambiance of the album.

Theatrical Flair

Drawing from his extensive experience in entertainment, Sammy infuses the album with a theatrical flair, making each song a dramatic performance. His expressive phrasing and emotive interpretation transform the songs into compelling narratives, allowing listeners to visualize the unfolding stories. This theatrical element adds a layer of dramatic intrigue to the album, enhancing its overall appeal.

Emotional Resonance

The album is imbued with a deep emotional resonance, reflecting Sammy’s ability to connect with the essence of each song. His expressive delivery conveys a spectrum of emotions, from joy and exuberance to sorrow and introspection. This emotional depth adds a layer of relatability to the album, allowing listeners to experience the emotional nuances and connect with the music on a personal level.


"Stop The World I Want To Get Off" stands as a testament to Sammy Davis Jr.'s multifaceted talent and musical versatility. It’s a vibrant concoction of diverse musical genres, rhythmic vitality, and emotional depth, all brought to life by Sammy’s dynamic voice and theatrical flair. The album is a musical journey through varied sonic landscapes, each painted with the vibrant colors of Sammy’s artistic essence.

Sammy Davis Jr. has crafted a musical masterpiece that resonates with listeners across generations, reflecting his enduring influence in the world of music and entertainment. "Stop The World I Want To Get Off" is not just an album; it's an experience, a rhythmic, emotive, and theatrical ride through the world of a legendary artist.

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