Mobb Deep - Infamy (2LP)

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Hip Hop, Thug Rap
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Artist: Mobb Deep
Album: Infamy
Released: Europe, 2018
Genre(s): Hip Hop, Thug Rap


A1Pray For Me3:21
Featuring - Lil' Mo
Producer - Havoc
A2Get Away3:38
Producer - Ez Elpee
Producer - Havoc
Producer - Havoc
B1Kill That Nigga (Kill That)3:47
Producer - Havoc
B2My Gats Spitting4:34
Featuring - Infamous Mobb
Producer - Havoc
Producer - Havoc
B4Hey Luv (Anything)3:56
Featuring - 112
Producer - Havoc
C1The Learning (Burn)4:15
Featuring - Big Noyd
Producer - Havoc
C2Live Foul4:22
Producer - Scott Storch
C3Hurt Niggas (Hurt)3:30
Featuring - Big Noyd
Producer - Havoc
C4Get At Me3:33
Producer - Alchemist
D1I Won't Fall3:43
Producer - Scott Storch
Producer - Havoc
D3Nothing Like Home4:25
Featuring - Littles
Producer - Havoc
D4There I Go Again6:48
Featuring - Ronald Isley
Producer - Scott Storch

Related Content:

Mobb Deep's fifth studio album, Infamy, was released in 2001, and now it's back in a reissue on vinyl format. The album was a commercial success and marked a significant change in the group's sound. With Infamy, Mobb Deep went in a different direction, using a more commercial sound to appeal to a broader audience, but still maintaining their signature hard-hitting lyrics.

The 2018 reissue of Infamy on vinyl is a must-have for Mobb Deep fans and hip-hop collectors. The sound quality on this reissue is excellent, with a rich and dynamic sound that captures the depth of the production and the gritty intensity of Mobb Deep's lyrics. The vinyl is pressed on heavyweight 180-gram vinyl and comes in a gatefold sleeve that includes original artwork, liner notes, and photos.

Infamy opens with "Pray for Me," a song that sets the tone for the entire album. The production on this track is dark and brooding, with a haunting piano melody that gives the song a sense of unease. Prodigy's lyrics are introspective and reflect on his personal struggles and the challenges of life in the rap game.

The album's lead single, "Hey Luv (Anything)," is a departure from Mobb Deep's usual sound. It features a melodic chorus sung by R&B singer 112 and a more commercial sound that made the song a crossover hit. The lyrics still reflect Mobb Deep's streetwise sensibility, with Havoc rapping about the dangers of life in the inner city.

Other standout tracks on Infamy include "Get Away," a gritty track with a thumping beat and hard-hitting lyrics, and "The Learning (Burn)," a collaboration with fellow Queensbridge rapper Big Noyd that features a sample from The Doors' "Light My Fire." The sample adds a psychedelic element to the track, and Mobb Deep's lyrics are as hard-hitting as ever.

Overall, Infamy is an excellent addition to any hip-hop collection, and the 2018 reissue on vinyl is the best way to experience this classic album. The sound quality is outstanding, and the gatefold sleeve is a nice touch that adds to the overall presentation. Mobb Deep's music is timeless, and this reissue is a testament to the group's enduring legacy.

In conclusion, if you're a fan of Mobb Deep or '90s hip-hop, the 2018 vinyl reissue of Infamy is a must-have. The album's sound and production quality are top-notch, and the vinyl itself is a beautiful addition to any collection. Mobb Deep's music is still relevant today, and this reissue is an excellent way to rediscover the group's classic sound. Whether you're a long-time fan or a newcomer to Mobb Deep's music, this album is sure to impress. Buy your copy today!

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