Cake - Prolonging The Magic (LP)

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Rock, Alternative Rock
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Artist: Cake
Album: Prolonging The Magic
Released: Europe, 10 Mar 2023


A1Satan Is My Motor3:12
Written-By - G. Nelson, T. Pope
A3Never There2:44
Electric Guitar - Rusty Miller
Saw [Musical] - Richard Lyman
A5You Turn The Screws4:00
Piano - Ben Morss
A6Walk On By3:46
A7Sheep Go To Heaven3:48
B1When You Sleep3:58
B2Hem Of Your Garment3:35
Electric Guitar - Xan McCurdy
Keyboards - David Palmer
B3Alpha Beta Parking Lot3:30
Written-By - V. Di Fiore
B4Let Me Go3:29
Written-By - J. Campilongo
B5Cool Blue Reason3:27
B6Where Would I Be?3:52
Mixed By - Kirt Shearer
Written-By - G. Nelson, J. Snook

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"Prolonging The Magic," released in 1998, is an album by the American alternative rock band Cake. Known for their distinctive style that blends a variety of genres including rock, funk, folk, and hip-hop, Cake's third studio album is a testament to their unique sound and lyrical wit. This album, following the success of their 1996 hit "The Distance," showcases the band's quirky and eclectic style, featuring clever lyrics, catchy melodies, and a diverse range of instrumentation.

The album opens with "Satan Is My Motor," a track that immediately captures the listener with its blend of a driving bass line, vibrant trumpet, and John McCrea's deadpan vocals. The song sets the tone for the album, highlighting Cake's ability to fuse humorous and sometimes absurd lyrics with catchy, foot-tapping music.

One of the key features of "Prolonging The Magic" is its diverse musical palette. Tracks like "Never There" exhibit the band's knack for creating radio-friendly hits, with its memorable chorus and blend of alternative rock and pop sensibilities. The song became one of the band's most recognizable hits, thanks to its accessible melody and relatable lyrics about a distant lover.

The album also showcases Cake's talent for reinventing and experimenting with different sounds. "Sheep Go to Heaven" is a perfect example, blending a mix of rock, folk, and funk, complete with McCrea's signature spoken-word style singing. The song's catchy chorus and playful lyrics make it a standout track on the album.

"Prolonging The Magic" isn't just about upbeat, quirky songs. Tracks like "Mexico" reveal a more introspective side of the band. The song's mellow vibe and reflective lyrics offer a contrast to the more energetic tracks, showing the band's range and depth.

The instrumentation throughout the album is a key element of Cake's sound. Vince DiFiore's trumpet playing adds a unique dimension to many of the tracks, bringing a sense of brightness and energy that sets Cake apart from other alternative rock bands. Additionally, the use of acoustic guitar, organ, and other less conventional rock instruments contributes to the album's eclectic and unpredictable nature.

Lyrically, "Prolonging The Magic" is a mix of sardonic wit and poignant observation. McCrea's lyrics often veer into the realms of satire and social commentary, all delivered with his trademark dry vocal style. This combination of clever lyricism and distinctive vocals helps to create a unique narrative voice that is unmistakably Cake.

Production-wise, the album maintains a balance between polish and authenticity. The production allows the band's varied sonic elements to shine through without overshadowing the songs' inherent quirkiness. Each track is carefully crafted, ensuring that the diverse range of instruments and styles comes together cohesively.

In conclusion, "Prolonging The Magic" is a quintessential Cake album that encapsulates the band's distinctive approach to music-making. It's an album that combines catchy melodies, witty lyrics, and an eclectic mix of musical styles, resulting in a sound that is both familiar and refreshingly original. The album solidified Cake's place in the alternative rock scene of the late 90s and remains a beloved and influential work for fans of the genre.

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