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Cold Chisel - Last Stand 40th Anniversary Edition Live (4LP)

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Cold Chisel - Last Stand 40th Anniversary Edition Live Vinyl Record Album Art
Picture of Last Stand 40th Anniversary Edition Live Vinyl Record
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Rock, Blues Rock
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Cold Chisel - Last Stand 40th Anniversary Edition Live Vinyl Record Album Art
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Album Info

Artist: Cold Chisel
Album: Last Stand 40th Anniversary Edition Live
Released: Australia, 17 Nov 2023


1Standing On The Outside (Live) - Last Stand
2Cheap Wine (Live) - Last Stand
3Khe Sanh (Live) - Last Stand
4Janelle (Live) - Last Stand
5Only One (Live) - Last Stand
6Twentieth Century (Live) - Last Stand
7Tomorrow (Live) - Last Stand
8Rising Sun (Live) - Last Stand
9Choirboy (Live) - Last Stand
10You Got Nothing I Want (Live) - Last Stand
11Bow River (Live) - Last Stand
12Flame Trees (Live) - Last Stand
13Star Hotel (Live) - Last Stand
14Wild Thing (Live) - Last Stand
15Saturday Night (Live) - Last Stand
16River Deep Mountain High (Live) - Last Stand
17Goodbye (Astrid Goodbye) (Live) - Last Stand
18Don't Go (Live) - Last Stand
19Let's Go Get Stoned (Live) - Last Stand
20Merry-Go-Round (Live) - The Barking Spiders Live: 1983
21You Got Nothing I Want (Live) - The Barking Spiders Live: 1983
22No Sense (Live) - The Barking Spiders Live: 1983
23Hold Me Tight (Live) - The Barking Spiders Live: 1983
24Tomorrow (Live) - The Barking Spiders Live: 1983
25Forever Now (Live) - The Barking Spiders Live: 1983
26Standing On The Outside (Live) - The Barking Spiders Live: 1983
27Bow River (Live) - The Barking Spiders Live: 1983
28It's Only Make Believe (Live) - The Barking Spiders Live: 1983
29Twentieth Century (Live) - The Barking Spiders Live: 1983
30Taipan (Live) - The Barking Spiders Live: 1983
31Georgia (Live) - The Barking Spiders Live: 1983
32Wild Colonial Boy (Live) - Last Stand Out-Takes
33Letter To Alan (Live) - Last Stand Out-Takes
34Build This Love (Live) - Last Stand Out-Takes
35Twist And Shout (Live) - Last Stand Out-Takes

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"Last Stand 40th Anniversary Edition Live" commemorates the iconic Australian rock band Cold Chisel's legendary final performance of their original lineup, recorded at the Sydney Entertainment Centre in December 1983. This live album not only captures the raw energy and emotion of that historic night but also serves as a testament to the band's enduring legacy in the Australian music landscape. Cold Chisel, known for their blend of rock, blues, and pub rock, with the distinctive vocals of Jimmy Barnes and the songwriting prowess of Don Walker, delivered a performance that was both a celebration of their career and a poignant farewell to their fans.

The album kicks off with some of Cold Chisel's most beloved tracks, immediately setting the tone with the band's signature combination of gritty rock and soulful melodies. Songs like "Standing on the Outside" and "Khe Sanh" resonate with the audience's energy, capturing the band's ability to connect with listeners through storytelling and raw emotion. The live setting adds a layer of intensity to these tracks, showcasing Barnes' powerful vocals and the tight musicianship of the band.

One of the highlights of the album is the live rendition of "Flame Trees," a song that has since become synonymous with Australian rock nostalgia. The performance captures the song's poignant reflection on youth, love, and loss, with the live arrangement adding a depth and resonance that only a Cold Chisel concert could provide. The audience's reaction to this and other ballads, like "Choirgirl" and "Cheap Wine," highlights the band's range and their ability to move seamlessly between hard-hitting rockers and more introspective tunes.

The album also shines a light on the band's exceptional skill in delivering high-energy performances, with tracks like "Bow River" and "You Got Nothing I Want" showcasing Cold Chisel's rock and roll prowess. The live versions of these songs are imbued with a sense of urgency and raw power, driven by Barnes' dynamic stage presence and the band's cohesive sound.

"Last Stand 40th Anniversary Edition Live" is not just a collection of live tracks; it's a carefully curated experience that takes listeners on a journey through Cold Chisel's storied career. The selection of songs, the quality of the performance, and the palpable connection between the band and their audience all contribute to making this album a pivotal moment in Australian rock history.

The production of the album manages to capture the essence of a live Cold Chisel performance, balancing the rawness of a live concert with the clarity needed to appreciate the nuances of the band's music. The energy of the crowd, the interactions between band members, and the spontaneous moments that define live music are all preserved, offering listeners a front-row seat to an unforgettable night.

Critically, "Last Stand 40th Anniversary Edition Live" was received as a fitting tribute to Cold Chisel's legacy, encapsulating the spirit and passion that have made the band a cornerstone of Australian music. The album serves as a reminder of the band's contributions to the rock genre and their unmatched ability to capture the Australian experience through their music.

In retrospect, this live album not only commemorates a significant moment in Cold Chisel's career but also cements their status as one of Australia's most revered rock bands. It stands as a testament to the power of live music to evoke emotion, create memories, and celebrate the enduring impact of a band whose music continues to resonate with audiences across generations.

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