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Actual image of the vinyl record album artwork of 10cc's Deceptive Bends LP - taken in our Melbourne record store
Actual image of the back cover of 10cc's Deceptive Bends second hand vinyl record taken in our Melbourne record shop
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Album Info

Artist: 10cc
Album: Deceptive Bends
Gatefold: Yes
Released: Australia, 1977


A1Good Morning Judge2:54
A2The Things We Do For Love3:32
A3Marriage Bureau Rendezvous
A4People In Love3:54
A5Modern Man Blues5:43
B1Honeymoon With A B Troop2:44
B2I Bought A Flat Guitar Tutor1:45
B3You've Got A Cold3:42
Feel The Benefit
B4Reminisce And Speculation4:20
B5A Latin Break2:44
B6Feel The Benefit4:30

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6310 502
LP Vinyl Record
Rock, Pop Rock


"Deceptive Bends" was released in 1977, a time when 10cc was undergoing a significant transformation. The departure of Godley and Creme just before the album's inception led Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman to take up the reins as the primary driving forces of the band. The title itself, "Deceptive Bends", may very well be a wry nod to the twists and turns that life – and the music industry – can throw our way.

The album kicks off with "Good Morning Judge", a track that's characteristic of 10cc's quirkiness. With catchy riffs and witty lyrics, it’s a perfect opener that sets the tone for the album: an amalgamation of rock, pop, and the band's distinctive satirical touch.

Arguably, the most notable track on the album is "The Things We Do For Love", which graced the charts and became one of the band's most enduring hits. It's a sweet, melodious tune with a chorus that’s irresistibly singable. Beyond its catchy refrain, it captures the idiosyncrasies and lengths of romantic endeavors, delivered with 10cc’s typical tongue-in-cheek charm.

However, while commercial tracks give the album its radio-friendly appeal, deeper cuts provide "Deceptive Bends" with its soul. "People in Love" is a melancholic ballad with soft instrumentals, and "Marriage Bureau Rendezvous" dives into a sardonic look at matrimonial agencies, showcasing the band’s penchant for blending humor with astute societal observations.

The instrumental "Feel The Benefit" deserves a special mention. It's a three-part suite that displays the band's musicianship, transitioning from jazzy arrangements to rock-infused segments, displaying the band’s experimental side.

One cannot review "Deceptive Bends" without appreciating its production quality. Known for their meticulous studio work, 10cc ensures that each track is polished, with layered harmonies, intricate guitar work, and a crispness that's a delight to audiophiles.

With Godley and Creme's departure, there were doubts about the band’s future. Would 10cc retain its unique sound? Would the magic persist? "Deceptive Bends" responds to these doubts with a resounding affirmation. While the album does lean more towards mainstream pop-rock than some of their earlier works, it doesn't compromise on the band's core ethos.

In a broader sense, "Deceptive Bends" is reflective of the 70s music scene – a fusion of rock, pop, with sprinklings of experimentalism. It captures the zeitgeist of its time, while also standing as a testament to 10cc's resilience and adaptability.

In summation, "Deceptive Bends" might not be the most avant-garde of 10cc's discography, but it's an album that proves the band's mettle. It's a delightful blend of commercial appeal and the intrinsic quirkiness that 10cc fans have come to adore. An album that dances between melancholy and wit, introspection, and satire, it's a journey through the deceptive bends of life, music, and love.

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