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Actual image of the vinyl record album artwork of Madder Lake's Butterfly Farm LP - taken in our Melbourne record store
Actual image of the back cover of Madder Lake's Butterfly Farm second hand vinyl record taken in our Melbourne record shop
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Album Info

Artist: Madder Lake
Album: Butterfly Farm
Released: Australia, 1974


A1Rodney's Birthday2:55
A2Mother Ship7:45
A3Booze Blues2:54
Backing Vocals - Creenagh Bradstock, Linda George
A4Ride On Fast4:26
B1One Star And The Moon5:20
Backing Vocals - Creenagh Bradstock, Linda George
B2Butterfly Farm3:32
B3Slack Alice5:08
B4Back Seat Song3:26

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L 35090
LP Vinyl Record
Rock, Prog Rock


Delving into the rich tapestry of Madder Lake's "Butterfly Farm" is like embarking on a psychedelic journey. The album, teeming with vibrant instrumentation and evocative lyrical content, offers a masterclass in progressive rock, peppered with hints of blues, jazz, and even folk influences.

Right from the outset, the album's title track "Butterfly Farm" beckons the listener with its haunting flute melody and ethereal guitar work. As the song progresses, the layers of complexity unfurl, revealing a soundscape that is at once dreamy and grounded. This dichotomy between the ethereal and the tangible runs as a thematic undercurrent throughout the entire album.

"Red Moon Rising" is a standout track, with its jazzy undertones and spirited keyboard solos. It's reminiscent of early Pink Floyd, combining progressive rock's grandeur with a touch of bluesy rawness. The vocals, laden with emotion, narrate a story that is both personal and universal, making it an anthem for those searching for meaning in a chaotic world.

The beauty of "Butterfly Farm" lies in its ability to surprise. Just when you think you have the album figured out, it throws a curveball. "Song for Dolly," with its gentle acoustic guitar and poignant lyrics, is a testament to this. Here, Madder Lake showcases their versatility, proving they're just as capable of producing heart-wrenching ballads as they are complex progressive rock epics.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the album is its seamless blending of genres. "Gypsy's Flight" is a prime example, with its fusion of folk elements and rock instrumentation. The flute, a recurring instrument throughout the album, plays a pivotal role in this track, evoking images of rolling landscapes and open skies.

However, no discussion of "Butterfly Farm" would be complete without mentioning its lyrical content. Each song is a narrative, brimming with tales of love, loss, discovery, and existential ponderings. The poetic nature of the lyrics complements the intricate instrumentation, making for a listening experience that is both cerebral and visceral.

Yet, as with any ambitious project, "Butterfly Farm" isn't without its imperfections. At times, the album's complexity can be its downfall, with certain tracks feeling a tad overwrought. However, these moments are few and far between, and they do little to tarnish the overall brilliance of the record.

In conclusion, Madder Lake's "Butterfly Farm" is a gem in the realm of progressive rock. It's an album that challenges and captivates, urging the listener to delve deeper with each subsequent listen. With its intricate musical arrangements and profound lyrical content, it's a testament to the band's artistry and vision. Whether you're a die-hard fan of progressive rock or a newcomer to the genre, "Butterfly Farm" is an auditory adventure that shouldn't be missed.

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