Mobb Deep - Murda Muzik (2LP)

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Hip Hop, Thug Rap
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Artist: Mobb Deep
Album: Murda Muzik
Released: US, 1 Jun 2018
Genre(s): Hip Hop, Thug Rap


A2Streets Raised Me4:33
Featuring - Big Noyd, Chinky
A3What's Ya Poison3:45
Featuring - Cormega
A4Spread Love4:04
A5Let A Ho Be A Ho3:35
B1I'm Going Out3:45
Featuring - Lil' Cease
B4Where Ya From4:02
Featuring - 8 Ball
Producer - Mo-Suave' House Productions
C1Quiet Storm4:25
C2Where Ya Heart At4:27
C3Noyd Interlude0:19
C4Can't Fuck Wit4:11
Featuring - Raekwon
C5Thug Muzik4:34
Featuring - Chinky, Infamous Mobb
Producer - Alchemist
C6Murda Muzik4:10
D1The Realest4:21
Featuring - Kool G Rap
Producer - Alchemist
D2U.S.A. (Aiight Then)4:04
Producer - Buddah , Epitome, Shamello
D3It's Mine4:23
Featuring - Nas
Producer - Prodigy
D4Quiet Storm (Remix)4:04
Featuring - Lil' Kim
Producer - Jonathan Williams

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Mobb Deep's "Murda Muzik" is a landmark album in the world of hip-hop. The album, which was originally released in 1999, has been remastered and reissued on vinyl in 2018, giving fans a chance to hear this classic record in a whole new way.

"Murda Muzik" is a gritty and unflinching portrait of life on the streets. With hard-hitting beats and vivid, cinematic storytelling, Mobb Deep paints a picture of a world where violence and struggle are everyday realities. From the ominous opening track "Intro" to the haunting closer "Where Ya From," the album immerses the listener in its dark and intense atmosphere.

The standout tracks on "Murda Muzik" are many. "Quiet Storm" is a relentless and hypnotic anthem that showcases the group's signature sound. "It's Mine" is a menacing collaboration with Nas that is both powerful and catchy. "Thug Muzik" features a standout verse from Raekwon that adds to the album's already-impressive roster of guest appearances.

The reissue on vinyl gives new life to these already powerful tracks. The remastered sound is crisp and clear, allowing the listener to fully appreciate the intricacies of the production. The vinyl format also adds a warm, analog quality to the sound that is simply not possible with digital formats. With this reissue, fans can experience "Murda Muzik" in a whole new way.

In addition to the music, the reissue also comes with bonus material. The second LP features instrumentals and remixes, giving fans a chance to hear the tracks in a different context. The package also includes a poster and a booklet with rare photos and liner notes.

For fans of Mobb Deep, "Murda Muzik" is a must-have album. And for anyone interested in the history of hip-hop, this reissue on vinyl is an essential addition to any collection. The album's themes of struggle and survival remain just as relevant today as they did when the album was originally released, and the music continues to inspire new generations of fans.

Overall, the 2018 reissue of Mobb Deep's "Murda Muzik" on vinyl is a must-have for fans of classic hip-hop. With its powerful production, unforgettable lyrics, and reimagined sound, this album is a true masterpiece of the genre. And with its bonus material and beautiful packaging, this reissue is a must-have addition to any music collection. Buy your copy today!

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