RSD 24

Record Store Day 2024 - Buy Exclusive RSD 24 Vinyl Releases at the Funky Duck Vinyl Record Store on April 20, 2024

Record Store Day is fast approaching and we've finalised all our orders so all of the vinyl that you see listed is what we have ordered for RSD 24. We won't know our final allocation of how many records we will get of each vinyl release until the week before and there's always the chance that one or two of the titles may get canned, come late or simply there isn't enough to go around but we will release a final list with all the final numbers as soon as we can. We will be open from 8am for Record Store Day 2024 so make sure you get here early to ensure you don't miss out. 

All vinyl records listed will be for sale only in our physical record store located at 91 Plenty Rd, Preston (Just north of Thornbury and Northcote & south of Reservoir in Melbourne, Australia). All RSD releases will only be available in store on Record Store Day from 8am and will continue to be sold in store all weekend. Any remaining records that aren't sold will be available for purchase through our online record store from 9am the following Monday. There can be no holds or pre orders for either instore or online and each person can only buy a maximum of one record per release. 

RSD 24
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